Da Bomb

"You guys are "Da Bomb."  I've had 2 claims and
each time I was treated with courtesy and
promptness.  Aside from the inconvenience of
the auto accident, I couldn't have asked for a
more pleasant experience."  

- Client from Belmont
The Reason People do Business with Companies

"Thanks for your help.  We really appreciate you always being
there for us whether we need a policy, a policy adjustment or
help when a tree falls on our house like it did last year.  People
like you are the reason other people make decisions to do
business with companies both large and small."

- Client from Brighton
Knowledgeable & Enjoyable

"Thank you for your assistance with Sarah's renters
insurance.  You are truly knowledgeable and enjoyable to
work with."       

- Client from Forest Hills.

"Thanks for putting this together so quickly."    
- Client from Grand Rapids
Exceptional Claim Handling

"I must thank you for handling our claim so
painlessly for me and my family. I am really

- Client from Forest Hills

"I really appreciate how quickly you respond to me,
thanks much!!"

- Client from Holland
Thank you

"Thank you for always treating us so well - I look forward to
moving the rest of my insurance to your agency when I move
to Michigan full time."                                

- Client from Rockford
Claim Help

"Thank you for helping us with our water
damage claim - and for walking me through
everything.  Your agency was fantastic!"
- Client from Waterford

"Thank you for your caring help through this

- Client from Cascade Twp
Great Service

"Thank you for your great service.  I value you
being available, prompt, responsive and super
helpful.  You are great to work with and that is
why I keep my business with you!"       

- Client from E. Grand Rapids

"I wish 1/2 of the people I deal with daily were
1/4 as wonderful as you guys!"       

- Client from Grand Rapids Twp
The Best

"You guys are the best!"       

- Client from W. Bloomfield
Best Ever

"You are amazing and wonderful and the best insurance
people ever.  Thank you for being so on top of my coverage
(coordinating vehicles, scooter, boat, umbrella) and being so
responsive.  The people on the other end of the Auto
Owners 888 # [towing service] were VERY professional,
courteous and even asked immediately whether I was in a safe
location.  The response time and follow through were
- Client from Grand Rapids
Rare Pleasure

"You are truly a rare pleasure to work with...your people &  
customer service skills are truly a rare find.  In all of my years,
I have only come across  maybe 5 people that fall into your
class of service."

- Electrical Contracting Company from Troy
The Best

"You are the best!  Who has an agent actively
trying to save them money?  It's unheard of
these days."

- Client from Clarkston

“I've used Blackwell for my automobile and home
insurance and expanded to all of my insurance needs
over time -- mainly because I implicitly trust them to
find me the best value for the money. The service at
Blackwell has always been great. I often have
recommended that friends and family call Blackwell for
an insurance quote to see how his ideas compare with
their current plans. I believe there is a nearly 100-
percent conversion rate, as they almost always find
Blackwell can do a better job for them than their
current agent.”

- Client from Lansing
The World

"Just wanted to let you know that your customer
thinks the world of you.  It's always nice to hear about
the great work!"

- Claim representative talking about one of our valued

"I want to share what a kind and compassionate
associate you have.  The extra efforts that were
made to assist with my claim were above and

- Client from Detroit

"I appreciate your explanation as well as the years of service
we have had with you folks at Blackwell."       
- Client from Troy
Best, Trustworthy

"I believe Blackwell is the best and most trustworthy insurance
agency that’s why I never hesitate to pay all the premiums to
Blackwell Insurance."   

- Client from Grand Rapids
Relationship Grow

"Thank you for your help.  I remain hopeful that
our business relationship will continue to grow.
- Service Business from Forest Hills
Going the Extra Mile

"You are so good.  Thank you.  It is nice to
know someone like you, who goes the extra
mile.  Thank you again. "    
- Technology Firm in Grand Rapids
Appreciate, Respect

"I absolutely appreciate and respect your integrity and
professionalism. I am absolutely committed to getting
my business into your hands."       
- Future client from Grand Rapids

"Thanks for the effort and feedback... It is refreshing
and adds hope there are more like you still around.  
This is why you will continue to receive my business."

- Client from Ada

"My brother-in-law told me what an awesome job you
did for him.  I thought you should know"  
- Client from Kentwood

"My wife wanted me to tell you she was VERY impressed with
the service she received from your office last week.  She called
with a question and was contacted 10 minutes later...we're
really glad we switched to you."

Client from Grandville
House Fire - Unbelievable

"As we think back on that terrible fire and the
subsequent days and months, there is one
thing very positive...your help, support,
guidance, and just being there to move us
from a total disaster both mentally and
property wise to a positive plan and
understanding of our personal future..."  "We
learned and know very well that you and your
Agency are nothing less than unbelievable."  

- Client from Grand Rapids Twp

"Once again thank you for all your help, it was a real relief
that everything went so smoothly and we are sure that
was because of you and your teams effort."     
- Client from Ada
Business Fire - A Class Above the Rest

"On January 1, our company experienced a catastrophic fire
that left us wondering how we would manage to survive.  
Thanks to you, we are proud we overcame this challenge.  
Our agent was there
before the fire was put out and your
claims manager was at the site early that same day – on a
holiday!   From the beginning it was clear that our
insurance needs were analyzed correctly, our claims were
paid promptly and that you are in a class above the rest in
your industry.  We will long remember the difference you
made in our long term success as a company.  THANK

- Manufacturing Company from Grand Rapids
Reputations are earned.