What do I have to do to have my claim paid?

If you have a covered claim, in general there are two things you need to do.

1)  Prove your loss
2)  Prove the amount of your loss

Once you have done these two items, generally it is enough for your claim to be paid.  Some claims
require more documentation that others.  For car damage, generally the repair estimate and police
report will suffice.  For property losses, you may need to provide some evidence that you owned the
property claimed in the loss and need to obtain a quote for the replacement of the property with like
kind and quality.  For businesses proving an income loss for business interruption or theft of money,
appropriate verifiable accounting records will likely have to be presented to prove that a loss
occurred and the amount of the loss.  Generally these claims take more time and effort to prove, and
may not warrant making a claim for unless the loss is significant enough.

What are my responsibilities during a claim?

Your insurance policy requires that you report a claim or loss as soon as reasonably possible, such as
the next business day.  If you are subject to a liability claim, including the receipt of lawsuit papers, it
is important that you report your claim as soon as reasonably possible - but again, the next business
day will suffice.  Often lawsuit notices and filings have very strict time frames in which your insurance
company may need to respond.  Failure to promptly notify the insurance company could jeopardize
your coverage for the claim in question, particularly if it leaves the insurance company in a
weakened position to defend your claim.

For property claims it is also your responsibility to take reasonable measures to protect your
property from further damage.  In fact, policies even pay the reasonable expenses to do so as part
of your covered claim.  

These explanations are intended to provide a simple understanding of some of the basic provisions
found in most insurance policies.  Sometimes simple explanations do not address all of the particular
circumstances of a claim, nor may they take into consideration case law or other provisions within a
policy.  This FAQ section of the website does not replace, alter or amend any language in your policy, its
terms, conditions or exclusions.    
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